Monday, June 3, 2019

Changes at IMPACT Chicago

Front: Lisa, Mindy, Amy Back: Tara, Martha, Kathleen
Admin Team members not pictured: Laura & Katie 
Administrative Team Co-Leaders Lisa Amoroso and Martha Thompson are announcing changes in the IMPACT Chicago Administrative Team as of June 1, 2019. 

We will miss Tara Brinkman, outgoing Registration and Workshop Coordinator, and Kathleen Williamsen, outgoing Office Coordinator, both of whom have helped us create a strong Administrative Team of volunteers and paid staff and have committed to being available for ongoing training with Amy Harmon, incoming Registration and Workshop Coordinator, and Mindy Hilt, incoming Office Coordinator. We will also miss Laura Dini, outgoing Outreach Coordinator, who has been a valuable staff member attending IMPACT Chicago Board meetings in addition to her other work. We also appreciate the contributions Caroline Villa made while we have been in transition. See below for more about these changes and the people who do so much of the behind-the-scenes work for IMPACT Chicago.

We are excited that Amy and Mindy are joining the Administrative Team consisting of  Admin Team Leaders Lisa and Martha and Treasurer Katie Skibbe. Currently, Registration/Workshops, Office, and Outreach Coordinators are paid staff positions and Admin Co-Team Leaders and Treasurer are volunteer positions. 

Registration and Workshop Coordinator
The Registration and Workshop Coordinator is the “front-line” of IMPACT. As the first person most people outside IMPACT communicate with, the Registration and Workshop Coordinator needs to communicate in a manner consistent with the IMPACT mission and process. Besides handling the important and big jobs of scheduling and registration, the Registration and Workshop Coordinator is who we depend upon to build supportive relationships with people who want to take one of our programs and to build collaborative relationships with organizations to offer workshops.

Tara Brinkman, Outgoing Registration and Workshop Coordinator

Tara says: Reflecting on the past six years as the Registration and Workshop Coordinator IMPACT at Chicago, what I’m most proud of and what I’ll miss most is the collaborative spirit of our admin team and our accomplishments in expanding access to IMPACT programming regardless of economic status. While I am sad to be transitioning out of this role, I am looking forward to continuing my work with IMPACT by leading short workshops, as well as joining the IMPACT Chicago board in the Fall of 2019.” 

Lisa says: "Tara’s ability to focus on the underlying issue or the heart of a matter has allowed our administrative team to stay focused and successfully resolve issues quickly and often to grow as a team as a result. She is a forward-focused person, who is also present in the moment in the most positive of ways. Tara has a true gift for articulating the principles of empowerment-based self-defense. We are thrilled that she is going to be joining the board and so IMPACT will continue to benefit from her wisdom and spirit."

Amy Harmon, incoming Registration and Workshop Coordinator

After completing the Core Program in 2017, Amy became a class assistant and What is IMPACT facilitator. In 2018, Amy took on a big role as the IMPACT Chicago Volunteer Coordinator. When Tara decided to move onto other adventures, we all agreed we wanted to ask Amy to consider becoming a paid staff member. And we are so fortunate that she said, "Yes!"

Amy says:  "I vividly remember the positivity and power that filled the room during my Core Program: brought by every single participant, and nurtured and supported by an incredible team of instructors and volunteers. While Volunteer Coordinator, I've had the joy of watching group after group fill their own rooms, and the heart-smile of playing a part in assembling the amazing components of their support teams. I expect that experience to deepen in all kinds of ways as I move into the Registration/Workshop Coordinator position. I've had an amazing role model in Tara, and I hope to do her proud!"

Martha says: "Amy has superb organizational skills and is efficient and effective. She also has a simultaneously joyful and serious approach to tackling big issues and dealing with small details. Tara has left big shoes to fill but what I so appreciate about Amy is that she will treasure and honor those big shoes of Tara but will be wearing her own big shoes. I am looking forward to working with Amy in her new role in IMPACT. 


The Office Coordinator position involves overseeing the annual fund drive, managing the materials and bags for all IMPACT Chicago programs, coordinating a lot of internal communications, and routine office tasks. The Office Coordinator has to have strong verbal and written communication skills, extensive experience with Google Drive, Microsoft Office Productivity tools, and Photoshop. 

Kathleen Williamsen, Outgoing Office Coordinator

Kathleen says: Working for IMPACT has been such a blessing for me. Everyone involved in the organization has been so caring and kind, intelligent, considerate, and most of all inspiring. I just can't believe how lucky I have been to work with these incredible administrators and instructors. This has been a very rewarding part of my life, knowing that I've played a small part in helping other women and girls find their voice. It's a reality fulfilling and powerful feeling. Leaving IMPACT was an incredibly difficult decision, but it is in the best interest of the organization and myself since it's been so hard to manage things from out of state. IMPACT will always be a part of me."

Lisa Says: Kathleen epitomizes what we mean when we call IMPACT a “nimble organization.” Kathleen manages to do all of the required invisible work without adding any unnecessary steps or creating any red-tape. She gets the job done. She is not the type of person who needs or seeks the limelight and is such a centered, principled person that she simply got the work done. We tried hard to recognize her invisible work but with her humble approach, we know that often we took for granted that something would be taken care of without fully acknowledging that it was Kathleen who had taken care of it. Kathleen’s positive energy and generous smile will be missed.

Caroline Villa, Outgoing Office Support

When Kathleen was managing the Office from Wisconsin, IMPACT Grad (Core 2013; DAMA 2015) Caroline Villa stepped up to do necessary office work.

Caroline says: "IMPACT has a special place in my heart since the courses I took gave me back my power. It was my pleasure to help during the period of time when difficult decisions needed to be made."

Out Martha says: "We are so grateful for Caroline's willingness to do important office work for us while Kathleen was managing the office from Wisconsin. We truly could not have managed as we did without Caroline's willingness to step in.

Mindy Hilt, Incoming Office Coordinator

The Office Coordinator position involves overseeing the annual fund drive, managing the materials and bags for all IMPACT Chicago programs, coordinating a lot of internal communications, as well as routine office tasks, The Office Coordinator has to have strong verbal and written communication skills, extensive experience with Google Drive, Microsoft Office Productivity tools, and Photoshop. 

Mindy says: I’m so thrilled for the opportunity to work with IMPACT Chicago. Last year my daughter took the girls program and learned so many skills in such a short time but also came out of it with a new sense of empowerment that I believe all girls and women can benefit from. I’m excited to bring my experience to IMPACT and help IMPACT grow and thrive and continue its important mission."
Martha says: "We had several applicants for the Office Coordinator position. Lisa and I interviewed Mindy and after she left, we looked at each other and I said, "Should we run down the street after her?" We, instead, immediately sent her an offer via email, text, and voicemail. We were thrilled when she said, "Yes."

Laura M. Dini, Outgoing Outreach Coordinator
The Outreach Coordinator position involves connecting more people and organizations with IMPACT programs and mission.
Laura says:  "I've been very proud to work with IMPACT Chicago. IMPACT's mission & goals are crucial in building a safer society. There is still unfortunately an imbalance of power in our society and until balance is achieved, IMPACT will continue to strive to empower women & girls to discover the strength they have within. I agree with Gandhi who said; "Under violence, there are many stages and varieties of bravery."

Lisa says: We are so appreciative of Laura's work and energy. Laura's commitment to IMPACT’s mission has always been so palpable whenever she is sharing information about our programs! I knowshe will continue to be a champion of IMPACT’s work.

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