Monday, July 16, 2012

AC Racette - IMPACT Chicago Assistant Director

AC graduated from the IMPACT Core Program in 1995 and joined the Publicity Committee in January 2012. You have probably already read the blogs she has contributed and seen the flyers she has produced. Her energy, enthusiasm, and productivity have been inspiring!

The position of Assistant Director is a volunteer position, but an important one as we make a transition to new executive leadership. AC's focus during this transition period (June-December 2012) will be on marketing, communications, and publicity. This capitalizes on her achievements with the publicity committee to date and on her professional goals. 

Here’s what AC has to say about what she brings to this new position in IMPACT:

IMPACT is an organization that changed my life at a time when I yearned to live more broadly, to travel, and to find men allies.

Since my Core Program in 1995, I have been involved in nonprofits, first as Volunteers Coordinator at the Old Town School of Folk Music, then as a graphic designer and editor at the Great Books Foundation, and now as a project manager at Northwestern University. Over the years, I have seeded an interest in nonprofits development as a means to broaden our audience, imagining new products using social media and IS technology tostay relevant to a changing society. I have rekindled my inclination for performance and presentation, first explored as a dance student.

In addition to studying ballet, I draw, I sew and knit, I paint watercolors of women in watery or icy environments, I have fixed up 70s-model cars, and I have performed with all-women percussion groups.

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