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Monday, July 2, 2012

Are you a firecracker?

Do you remember exploding with your IMPACT techniques like a firecracker? In honor of the 4th of July and our annual celebration of Independence, consider how you ignited your Independent spark in IMPACT. Like a firework, you set off a display of great awe.

The noise, light, and smoke of firecrackers is akin to techniques learned in IMPACT.

For example, Ladycrackers are the little firecrackers with intertwined fuses sold in strands or bricks that make fast and furious noises to draw attention. Although there are some derogatory terms associated with these firecrackers, we know the power of repeating, “BACK OFF!” “GO AWAY!” or “NO!”

The “Snakes” fireworks smolder and smoke sometimes in glowing or colorful displays are like “coiling” or lulling an attacker into thinking you will be compliant when you are really assessing your opportunities and subtly positioning yourself to explode with an eye-strike or hip toss.

The Roman Candle, a stick full of various colored bursts of light that splash forward are similar to when you use a steady flow of techniques toward a spectacular end: palm heel, knee-to-the-groin, and knee-to-the-head that leads to a safe escape.

Finally, there’s the reporting and recognition that you are brilliant in your abilities, like a firework!

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