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Monday, July 23, 2012

Cornered, I Fought Back

From the IMPACT Archives

Between classes 3 and 4 (a once/week course), I was attacked by three youths and one of them pulled a knife on me. I knocked them all out.
The attack occurred in an isolated parking area behind a building. I was taking the back way in to visit my aunt. I had driven in, parked, and then gotten out of my car when they confronted me. If I had been alone, maybe I could have just gotten back into my car and driven off. Unfortunately, my toddler was also out, and I had an infant in my arms, still in his car carrier. My dog was still in the car.
You have to drive into this courtyard and turn around to park. This puts the passenger side of the car next to the building. The building entrance is then right in front of the car, up a few steps, and beyond that there is a dumpster in an angle of the wall. The area near the entrance and the dumpster is completely hidden from the street.
The boys were probably smoking pot or crack or something back between the dumpster and the building. They were big boys, about 18 years old, six feet tall plus or minus an inch or two and slender. After I parked and got out with the kids, they came out and confronted me.
The first one said something like, “Hey bitch, suck my cock.” “Okay, I’ll do anything you want, just don’t hurt the baby.” I shooed the toddler toward the back of the courtyard and got on my knees. This gave me a chance to tuck the baby, still in his carrier, under the front corner of the car.
Number one, meanwhile, unzipped and got his genitals out of his pants. Two and three were still behind him. When he got close, I dropped onto my side and kicked him twice in the groin. I could feel tissue shattering, maybe tearing on his zipper. He fell at the front left corner of the car, unconscious from the shock.
Number two knew that I had done something to number one but he couldn’t really see what. He came around and shouted at me, “What the fuck did you do to my friend? I’m going to throw your baby in the dumpster.” I had started to get up, but as number two reach down for the baby, I dropped onto my side again and kicked him in the ear. Now his head was trapped on the corner of the car at the bumper. I kicked him three or four times. Now he was out.
This jostled my car and set off the alarm. My dog was already barking and this set him into a frenzy. Somehow, he managed to squeeze out of a partially open window. Then he set about barking at and harassing the third attacker.  Number three had pulled out a switch blade, but instead of going after me he bent over, trying to slash at my dog. I saw my chance and took it. I got up and charged him and kneed him in the head. His head rebounded into a metal rail at the entrance. So he was out, too.
I collected the baby, the toddler, and the dog and got them all back into the car. A few blocks away I stopped to call the police, saying that there had been a fight, and they should send an ambulance. I didn’t identify myself.
It took me a while to process this incident. I had mixed feelings about the damage I had done to these boys. Two were certainly seriously injured and the third may have been as well. Finally, I accepted that I had only done what was truly necessary in the situation to protect my kids, my dog, and myself.


  1. This is a question for an instructor. If an assailant has been knocked out with a crushed and bleeding nose (typical scenario) and is lying on his back, won't he drown in blood? If all the assailants are out wouldn't it be advisable to roll the assailants to prevent them from aspiring?

  2. From IMPACT instructor Mark: This is really a question for someone with a medical trauma background. Anecdotally, I've never heard of that happening. I think it's possible to have enough blood running down the back of the throat that someone might choke and cough. Enough to prevent so much breathing as to cause asphyxiation? I doubt it. Broken noses swell quite a bit, and actually don't bleed that much as a result, at least that's been my experience the nine times it's happened to me.