Wednesday, February 24, 2021

January 2021 Newsletter

 IMPACT kicked off the new year with a successful Bystander Support workshop led by Rachel, with technical support by Lisa.

IMPACT Updates

...aaand we're back!

IMPACT Chicago held its first workshop of 2021 on January 23rd. Bystander Support took place online, with Rachel instructing and Lisa making sure Zoom ran smoothly.

It was a hit! Participants commented:

...There is no one-size fits all. It was important for me to hear from the other participants the obstacles they had encountered or could imagine encountering that would have prevented them from interceding; and to have Rachel help us think them through with possible tools.

Actually practicing helped me visualize the scenario and now I feel more confident responding.

There's more where that came from!

The 2021 schedule is now available on the  IMPACT Chicago website. Take a look and see what IMPACT has in store this year.

Next up...

Join us for a Boundary Setting Workshop on February 20th! The workshop will be held online and is pay-what-you-can up to $25. For more information or to register,  visit the website.

Thank you!

Our heartfelt thanks to IMPACT Chicago's 2020 donors! Your generous donations help us cover the costs of the CORE program and IMPACT for Girls.  

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Thank you to IMPACT Chicago's 2020 Donors

A mighty and resounding “THANK YOU” to IMPACT Chicago’s 2020 DonorsYour generosity enables us to bring IMPACT self-defense training to more people who identify as women and girls.


Tuition and grants cover about 65% of the costs of the Core Program and IMPACT for Girls. Donations cover the rest. 



Jeanne Adams - in honor of Lois Adams

Janet Altman

Laney Amoroso

Lisa Amoroso - In honor of Martha Thompson

Bettie Thompson Ashbee

Arden Austin

James Baima

Ellyn & John Bank - in honor of Martha Thompson

Arlene Benzinger - in honor of Martha Thompson

Lili Betancourt

Susan Blessing

Amy Blumenthal

Tara Brinkman

Bruce Brio

Pat Broughton

Sheila & Steve Carson

Adam Charney

Aaron Christensen

Bryan Cleal

Nancy Cohen

Rachel Collins

Dorianne Conn

Dianne (Dee) Costanzo - in honor of Martha Thompson & in memory of Adrian Costanzo

Cyd Curtis Bates

Mari Jo De Paolo

Kevin DeJovine

Donna Del Principe - in honor of Martha Thompson

Carla Eisenberg - in honor of Martha Thompson

Cheri Erdman - in honor of Claire Tropp - class '89

Margaret Evans

Korrin A. Fallbacher

Tam Fletcher

Kira Freigang

Laurie Fuller

Anne Gendler & David Leib

Therese Given

Jennifer Gould

Robyn & Tijuana Gray

Amanda Gregory - in honor of Martha Thompson

Amy E. Harmon - in honor of Martha Thompson

Margit Henderson

Loretta Jackson - in honor of Martha Thompson

Carol Jennings - in honor of Martha Thompson

Linda Kaplan

June Kirk - in honor of Martha Thompson

Kasey Klipsch & Angela Sherrill - Dianne Costanzo Fund

Katherine (Katie) Knapowski

Susan Landwer

Ruth Lipschutz - in honor of Martha Thompson

Mary Loftus

Betsy Lucas

Martin Lucas

Rachel Lucas-Thompson Graham


Margaret McGrath - in honor of Martha Thompson

Debra Mier & Sheila Hickey

Emily Moreno

Jeannette & Terry Mostrom

Priya Nelson

Shiyu & Anthony Nitsos

Clara Orban

Piper Parker


Svetlana (Liz) Pfau - in honor of Martha Thompson

Lisa Pines

Rachel Preveau

Ann-Christine Racette

Don & Judy Rosedale - in honor of Martha Thompson

Kim Ruhana - in honor of Martha Thompson

Roger & Loriann Safian

Laura Sanders - in honor of Martha Thompson

Asha Sarode

Gail Schubert

Linda Stawicki

Tracey Shafroth

Peggy Shinner


Katie Skibbe - in honor of Martha Thompson

Karen Staib Duffy

Patrice Stearley

Charlotte Suk

Martha Thompson - in honor of all the students since 1987

Margaret (Marge) Tomasik

C.M. Villa - in honor of Martha Thompson

Carrie Villa

Iris Waichler - in honor of Martha Thompson

Amy Wallin

Elizabeth West - in honor of Martha Thompson

Amelia (Mimi) Wilson

Amelia Zimet


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