Monday, March 22, 2021

February 2021 Newsletter


Katie and AC say thanks to all the participants who attended the Boundary Setting workshop and made it a success! 

IMPACT Updates

Setting Boundaries Online

On February 20th, IMPACT Chicago held a Boundary Setting workshop via Zoom. 

The workshop was a success! Participants said:
"The topic of setting boundaries & understanding limits was addressed very well, both with practical examples (participant interaction) and descriptive situations (different environment anecdotes from the coaches)."

"Both instructors were so kind and informative—loved every minute!"

"Hope Talks" with IMPACT Chicago

IMPACT Chicago had the privilege of participating in "Hope Talks," sponsored by the Southside Center of Hope, a nonprofit recovery home for Chicago women who are experiencing homelessness or recovering from addiction. These monthly live chats allow local organizations to share resources and discuss topics that are important to the communities they serve.

You can watch the livestream of February's "Hope Talks" here (IMPACT's Lisa Amoroso appears at minute 38!). 

ESD on the Empowerment Podcast

In January, retired IMPACT Chicago instructor Martha Thompson spoke with Silvia Smart, host of The Empowerment Podcast. During the podcast, Martha shared what has driven her dedication to Empowerment Self-Defense (ESD) work and what sets ESD apart from other forms of self-defense.

You can listen to the interview here.


ESD Around the World
Martha also helped spread the word about Empowerment Self-Defense to Turkish news agency Mesopotamia Agency. Martha, Deb and Maple were interviewed by journalists Gözde Çağrı Özköse and Zemo Ağgözas about self-defense training and how it can help women everywhere. You can find their interviews here:

Women are Reclaiming Their Voices (Martha)

Our Voice Can Save Another Woman's Life (Maple and Deb)

Next up...

Have you been looking for an opportunity to practice incorporating self-defense principles into realistic scenarios? Join us for the upcoming Self-Defense Scenarios workshop on April 24th! You can find the details here


Self-Defense Scenarios
1650 W. Foster Ave.

May 15
12:00 - 3:00 PM


Monday, March 15, 2021

Thank you to IMPACT Chicago Volunteers 2020!!!

Huge and heartfelt thank yous to all the many people who volunteered for IMPACT Chicago in 2020. Your energy, talent, and time are deeply appreciated!

(If we have inadvertently left you off the list, please let us know).

Admin Team
Lisa Amoroso
Aaron Christensen
Amy E. Harmon*
Mindy Hilt*
Rehana Manejwala
Katie Skibbe
Martha Thompson

Bruce Brio (outgoing co-chair)
Katie Skibbe (outgoing co-chair)
Lisa Amoroso
Tara Brinkman
Courtney Henderson
Denise Lewin Loyd
Deb Mier
Martha Thompson

Class Assistants
Rehana Manejwala
Madison Rieck
Emilia Donnenberg-Smith

Bruce Brio (retired)
Mark Nessel (retired)*

Social Media
Arden Austin
Rachel Marro
Dana Dunham
Maple Walker Lloyd
Kim Ruhana
Martha Thompson

What Is IMPACT & Other
Ellyn Bank
Bruce Brio
Amy E. Harmon
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Denise Lewin Loyd
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Rachel Marro
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Priya Nelson
Amy Parakkat
Chloe Pooler
Kristen Reid
Madison Rieck
Emilia Donnenberg-Smith
Elizabeth West

Amy E. Harmon*
Lisa Amoroso
Nate Tracy-Amoroso

Workshop Leaders
Lisa Amoroso*
Tara Brinkman*
Amy E. Harmon*
Rachel Marro*
Deb Mier*
Katie Skibbe*
Martha Thompson, Trainer*
Margaret Vimont*

*Paid part-time staff who also volunteer