Monday, August 15, 2016

Mal Malme Running to Bring Training for People with Disabilities to Chicago

Mal Malme, an IMPACT Boston grad, is going to run in the October Chicago marathon to raise money to train IMPACT Chicago instructors to teach IMPACT:Ability, a nationally recognized safety program for people with disabilities developed by sister organization IMPACT Boston under the leadership of Meg Stone.  Mal has run in the Boston marathon twice and when she decided to run in the Chicago marathon, she decided to run to support IMPACT Chicago. IMPACT Instructors have wanted to do the training, but we have not had the funds. Thank you, Mal!
            In the IMPACT:Ability curriculum, people with disabilities learn and develop their ability to recognize unsafe situations and respond with effective self-protective behaviors. Participants learn to advocate for themselves in everyday situations as well as learn skills to deal with dangerous situations, such as bullying, harassment, attempted abduction, and sexual violence.  Research by the Institute for Community Health found that the program increases participants’ knowledge, self-confidence, and self-protective behaviors.  Click here to contribute to the fund.



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